Bumping Service


SEC, "The Pioneer of Bumping Prcess"

Our bumping process is used in LSI electrode.
Our bumping process achieves high reliability by utilizing our long experience.

Bumping Service
Comprehensive Bumping House
Histry of SEC, as a Bumping House
SEC, the Country's Only "Comprehensive Bumping House"
We obtained its high-technical capabilities from many years of experience in research.
Based on this experience and through quality control, we offer products that satisfy customers' needs and wins customers' trust.
Comprehensive Bumping House
SEC explores use of new technology.
The need for fine-pitch gold bump is increasing as electronic devices become more multifaceted and miniaturized.
We restrict the use of hazardous substances such as Pb and will continue its efforts to offer high quality and high density products to meet a wide variety of customers' needs.
clean room environment
Appropriate Manufacturing
SEC adopts down-flow system to control clean room environment.
We adopt down-flow system to control temperature and humidity,
and to prevent foreign matter from getting inside the clean room.
The down-flow system is an effective method to optimize manufacturing environment.
clean room environment

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